The Facts

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55% of small businesses fail before their 5th Birthday

To be in the 45% that succeed, you need an accountant to help you manage your finances, tax and cashflows.


Don't settle for second best for your company finances

Why Xoom Financial?

We are Responsive

Being ignored is not nice

With Xoom, You have a dedicated accountant who is available by phone or email.

We always get back to your emails within 2 working days, but normally even quicker.

We are highly Rated

We have excellent reviews from our clients

We are obsessed with customer service, so we are constantly measuring our performance.

We consistently score above 8 in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys of our clients.

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How Do We Work

Your company needs proper financial management from day 1.

We don’t just file tax returns. This simply isn’t enough if your small business is going to reach its full potential.

We set your company up on QuickBooks Online, the perfect software package for a small business, and then manage this for you. So you can see how your business is performing at all times, not just at the end of each year.

We manage all your finances for you, and give you ongoing advice and support on making your company as profitable as possible.

About Us

Xoom Financial is a dynamic digital firm that supports and enhances small to mid-sized companies with their Finance, Accounting and Administrative needs. We offer traditional accounting and taxation services, and push to go that extra step to help our clients specific needs. We offer tax minimisation plans and strategic advice. As small business operators ourselves, we understand the pressures and challenges small businesses face. Our firm offers a highly experienced team of qualified and motivated individuals who pride themselves on offering the highest level of service. Our focus is on you, our client, ensuring that every effort is made to provide the service required.

We will take the time to listen to you and offer our advice in practical, useful terms in an effort to help your businesses prosper and grow.

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